Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dumb Things Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves

Well friends, it's time to make ourselves feel a little bit better by poking fun at some of the really dumb things people do.....

When someone tells you that you have a wrong number -believe them-

Police in Middletown, Conn., arrested a man and woman after the couple allegedly called an on-duty police officer and offered up a prostitute.  According to police, John Tosta, 41, mistakenly dialed an undercover detective with the Middletown Police Street Crime Narcotics Unit. The detective initially told Tosta he had the wrong number, but Tosta insisted that he believed he had called the same number the day before, and that the caller was looking for a girl, according to the arrest affidavit. The officer played along, and worked out a price with Tosta, $100 for 30 minutes. The detective then asked to speak to the girl. Tosta put her on the phone, and the woman again went over the price and asked how long the encounter would be.

Tosta allegedly told the detective he would call back with an exact location to meet. The officer then notified other detectives and set up an undercover operation. The detective received a second call, telling him to show up at East Street near Grandview Terrace. As they officers pulled up, they saw the man and woman standing waiting for them. The officers recognized the woman, Lea Fuller, from previous arrests. She began to run, but was quickly taken into custody. Officers had to tackle Tosta, and handcuff him. Tosta is charged with third-degree promoting prostitution and interfering with police. Fuller is charged with prostitution and interfering with police. Both were held on $10,000 bond.

A Really Dumb Gang...

For the last year, 14 members of a New York street gang were on a spree of robberies, assaults and burglaries, but their greed and their need to share information on Facebook, as well as 'friending' a cop on the social network, helped lead to their arrests. Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes and New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly announced a 102-count indictment against 14 members the gang, known as the "Brower Boys." Two were charged are juveniles, including a 13-year-old; the other defendants are between 15 and 19.

The "Brower Boys" committed a series of burglaries, climbing up and down apartment building fire escapes after taking electronic equipment, like laptops and cell phones, that they pawned, police say in the indictment. Most of the break-ins happened when residents weren't home. But in one apartment robbery, four of the defendants, including the 13-year-old, tied up the residents, sexually assaulted a female resident and threatened to kill the victims if they called the police, according to the indictment. In another case, one gang member, age 18, shot a resident of the home he was burglarizing, then was shot and injured himself in a struggle with the victim.

With such a busy — and criminal — schedule, it seems hard to fathom that gang members would use Facebook to discuss their business, but they did. They not only boasted about their acts, but they even fought with each other on the social network over who should get what when it came to the loot. The police know this because, well, they were monitoring it.

And the gang members telegraphed their upcoming heists on Facebook as well, which helped get the police in place to videotape and record some of those incidents. On Facebook, the gang members "signed off on their messages with LOL — laughing out loud,"  -Police Officer Michael Rodriques, the officer the gang had 'friended', was also laughing out loud... Now, the police hope, the gang members can continue to LOL — from prison...

Hey, Pepsi... Salty Watermelon? Really?

The newest in a line of seasonal limited edition Pepsi flavors has been announced by Japanese distributor Suntory. Set to debut on July 24 is: Salty Watermelon. Sorry, but even I had to do a double-take. The watermelon’s salty? Well, yes, now that I think about it I remember my own mother putting salt on watermelon to enhance the sweetness. Anyone who’s never heard of this can just rush right out and buy a watermelon and toss some salt on that bad boy. But for those living in Japan, waiting for the Pepsi version is probably just as good.

One of life in Japan’s little pleasures has got to be these seasonal freaky Pepsi flavors that are released. Not long ago Pepsi introduced another: Ice Cucumber. Just makes you want to fly to Japan to try it, doesn't it? 

As for me, this may very well be one reason I have always been a Diet Coke man, thank you....

Live Long and Prosper,,,,

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