Saturday, June 9, 2012

New York City's Ban on Super-sized Sodas

As you probably know by now (a lot of people  have weighed in on this issue already) New York Mayor Bloomberg has sent a request to the city's Health Commission to institute a ban on sugary sodas larger than 16 ounces. Is there a chance is will not pass? Many pundits seem to think the Health Commission may listen to the voices of overwhelming public opposition and say 'no' to the Mayor. Remember, though, the Health Commissioners are all appointed by Mayor Bloomberg. I doubt of they will opposed him. I think this is another piece of craziness that is going to pass.

Sure, soda is a contributing factor in the nation's weight issues, but it is not the primary reason nor is banning such things the answer to the obesity crisis. In fact, this ban will not even put a noticeable scratch in the problem. It will, however, hurt the poorest members of the population the most. Many poorer families buy the larger size and let family members share it because it is cheaper than buying 2 or 3 small sized ones.

While this ban on super size sodas sounds good in theory, its implementation infringes on personal rights and the freedom of making choices for ourselves (God gave us the right to make dumb decisions and the government should not interfere). And then what's next?  The Mayor decides thick steaks contain too much red meat so, wham -no more getting a big juicy steak at New York restaurants? Or he thinks French Fires are bad so, bang -no large sized side orders of fries.... Talk about a slippery slope.

Maybe, just maybe there is a more sinister motive making a contribution here. Someone, somewhere has to be benefiting monetarily from this because someone smart enough to be an elected official in New York City has to also be smart enough to know that banning large sodas doesn't even brush the surface of the obesity crisis. Someone may have figured out that selling two 16 oz. drinks (to say,  get through a 2 hour movie) is more profitable than selling one 32 oz. drink.

Regardless of why, the fact remains that banning large sodas hardly scratches the surface of the obesity problem. This legislation is simply a waste of resources and money and in the end will do no one any good. But is will take New York one step deeper into a Nanny State where the government decides what is good for the people and freedom of personal choice is gone forever.

Resistance is not futile -it is absolutely required.....

Live Long and Prosper....

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