Friday, October 12, 2012

A Scandal In Libya

There is a scandal brewing about the attack on our people in Libya. A big scandal. The administration's attempts to cover it up and stone-wall it are just going to call more attention to it. The media has been ignoring it, possibly as an attempt to "not hurt" the President just before the election -but that is just making matters worse. It's making it look as if even the mainstream media thinks Obama is somehow directly implicated.

However you look at it, some bad mistakes were made. Some very bad mistakes. There
was simply far too little attention paid to the security and safety of our people in the region -especially on the anniversary of 9/11. People died as a result (including an Ambassador for crying out loud).

To make matters even worse, warnings about a possible attack were ignored. Requests for beefing up security were denied. Security assets were even taken away prior to the anniversary date (9/11). All this appears to be coming from somewhere relatively high up in the State Department. At some point, heads are going to roll. Some one is going to be singled out and held responsible -as they should be.

So, why is the Administration playing games with all of this? Why attempt to deny it was a terrorist attack and to cover up what actually happened? Because we are weeks away from the election -that's why! Do I think Barrack Obama or Hillery Clinton, either one, got on the phone and said "Don't send more security to Libya". No, of course not. I doubt if they were even aware of the situation, the requests for additional security or the subsequent denials. But they should have been! It is their job!
With the ever-present threat of terrorist attacks it does not take a rocket scientist to know that we need to be more aware and security conscience these days. The government even prints posters and does PSA's to remind us of that. When you add that we are talking about the anniversary of 9/11 and we are talking about the Middle East -well, it's incredibly stupid that additional security was not in place! And it was Obama's job as Commander in Chief. and Hillery's job as Secretary of State. to ensure everyone was aware and our people and assets were protected. The system, under their leadership, failed -and they need to be taken to task for it. Stupid decisions were made -and the stupid people responsible for them need to be removed before they make more stupid decisions.

This scandal is not going away. It is just getting started. How much it effects the election is anybody's guess. But the President should thank his lucky stars that there is not more time between now and the election for the investigations to uncover more about all this.

Live Long and Prosper...

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