Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's with this Syria vs. Turkey thing?

Have you been following events in Syria this past week? It started when Turkey accused Syria of firing some mortar rounds at a small village along the border. Turkey responded by setting up some artillery and firing a few rounds back in retaliation. When I read that story I thought, well, O.K., it was a little border skirmish, no big deal. Those things happen when one side is in the middle of a civil war and tensions are high.

But then it happened again the next day and both sides sent more troops and artillery to the area. Turkey said is was going to take the matter to NATO. Well. I thought, more posturing. No one wants that to escalate out of control. Turkey wants NATO to tell Syria to knock it off. Just some more saber rattling.

But then it happened again - and again, and now it's been happening every day for a week. Now there is very serious talk about a regional war that includes NATO (which, of course, means the U.S.).

Just what is wrong with everybody? First of all, Turkey needs to get it together. No one likes artillery and mortar fire coming across their borders, just ask the Israelis. They have every right to retaliate and to protect their borders. But war? Really? Turkey should be used to these kinds of incidents. They have been fighting with the Armenian's and the Kurd's for years. It makes you wonder why they are so fast to jump on the war wagon  in this case and expect NATO to jump on with them.

But, what really bothers me is Syria. Just what in the world are they thinking? Why purposefully provoke Turkey into a war? Don't they have enough on their plate already with their own civil war? Do they think that prodding Turkey into attacking them will somehow bring Russia or Iran into committing even more aid, perhaps even ground troops and aircraft? Even Assad should be smart enough to know that ain't going to happen... Maybe he thinks that if Syria is invaded by the big bad Turks, the rebels will join the Syrian Army to repel the invasion.... That ain't going to happen either...

But something is going on over there. Something that smells worse then the only port-a-potty at a Bon Jovi Concert...  I don't know what it is. I just can't figure it out. But I think we had better watch this one closely.

The Dogs of War are straining at the leash -and once loose in the Middle East, it ain't going to be pretty -for anyone.

Live Long and Prosper...

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