Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cyber Attack on the White House

The White House sustained a cyber attack last week but officials said they successfully protected all systems. It is rare for the White House to admit it had received a cyber assault. Typically, the attacks are not acknowledged even though the White House receives thousands every day.

The official who acknowledged the attack did not provide any details into the size or who committed the attack. However, a report has surfaced placing the attack at the feet of the Chinese.

Our Administration has been unable, or unwilling, to confront China over these massive cyber attacks. They happen every day, 24/7, and they are aimed at defense systems, defense contractors, government systems and even at individual corporations. They have successfully stolen thousands of sensitive files. Military related secrets are not the only target. Many corporate "secrets"  have been stolen, giving the Chinese an edge in the global market place.

Even though U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta spoke to Chinese officials about U.S. frustrations with cyber attacks during his most recent trip across Asia, these attacks have not subsided.

The cyber breach on the White House was one of Beijing’s most brazen cyber attacks against the United States. It highlights the failure of the Obama administration to press China on its persistent cyber attacks. We need a clear and aggressive policy regarding cyber attacks, a policy which includes consequences for the perpetrators.

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