Friday, October 5, 2012

How did the first Presidential Debate Go?

Like 50 million other people around the world I watched the first Presidential with interest. Also like many others, I was hoping to see some good old fashion mud slinging and maybe a memorable zinger or two. It didn't happen. But, we did get a good discussion about some of the economic issues and saw a clear division between the two candidates approaches to solving our problems. That made it a good debate.

Who won? Well, most of the pundits, Republican and Democrat, seem to feel that Romney won because he was able to hold his own against the President and he was able to articulate the things he will do if elected. Romney really did need to get that out in front of the public.

As for the President, well. he seemed off his game a little. He did OK, but he did not seem sure of his facts -and he made the mistake of quoting statistics from his own campaign commercials -statistics that were not accurate (and that is always a mistake when debating someone who is ready for you).

All said and done, I think Romney did well, but not well enough to sew up the election. There are two more debates, and I'll bet Obama will be better prepared next time.

One side issue I found funny. After the debate, Al Gore had to admit that Obama did not do all that well. He then tried to explain why Obama was off his game. You see, it was the altitude. Yes, it seems the President only arrived in Denver two hours before the debate and there was just not enough time for him to adjust to the altitude of the Mile High City. The President's brain was oxygen deprived. Really, Al? The altitude? Not global warming? Are you sure?

Live Long and Prosper...

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