Friday, December 14, 2012

“Moderate” Muslim Brotherhood? Think Again

A lot of people got very nervous when the Muslim Brotherhood got involved in Egyptian Politics -but they were told there was no need to worry. Even our own State Department claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood was not the Islamic Militant organization it had been painted.

During the protests against Mubarak a year ago, the Brotherhood said they were not going to get involved. They did. Then they said they had no interest in organizing as a political party and be involved in the elections except as an influential organization. Today they control the majority of seats in the Egyptian Parliament and the President is a card carrying member.
But a story in the Daily Caller the other day was perhaps the most telling, and frieghtening. Here is a part of that story. You decide what you think about these guys:
The Muslim Brotherhood operates a carefully controlled network of torture chambers designed to violently dehumanize opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, according to a journalist who exclusively toured the facilities this week.

Just how much Foreign Aid are we sending to Egypt this year? And we are arming their military? Make any sense to you? Me neither…

Live Long and Prosper...

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