Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just How Well Do We Like Congress?

It’s no surprise that approval ratings for our elected representatives in Congress are typically below 20% among Americans. To emphasis the point Public Policy Polling did a poll in which they asked Americans to chose which one they liked best, Congress or something else. The results were not flattering to our lawmakers.

The poll found that Americans have a higher opinion of traffic jams then Congress by 56% to 34%. We chose colonoscopies over Congress by 58% to 31% and cockroaches by 45% to 43% ove Congress. We also liked used-car salesmen better than Senators or Congressmen by 57% to 32%, root canals 56% to 32% and NFL replacement refs 56% to 29%.

Surprisingly, there were a few things that we actually liked Congress more.

Lindsay Lohan lost out 45% to 41% and playground bullies 43% to 38%. Congress beat Cuba’s Fidel Castro 54% to 32% and the reality-television Kardashians 49% to 36%. And Congress conquered communism 57% to 23%.

What surprises me is that these sentiments are nothing new and for people who make a living getting people to vote for them, you’d think the people in the Senate and the House of Representatives would try a little harder to get the public’s approval. After all, it wouldn’t be all that hard. All they have to do is accomplish something – anything - once in a while.

 Live Long and Prosper… 

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