Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yep, those ‘Files of the Intensely Stupid’ are still leaking…

Remember "The Smell of Napalm in the Morning"? Well here’s a story from an Israeli paper in our ‘Files of the Intensely Stupid’ that brings it to mind:  A cosmetics company in Gaza recently began selling a fragrance dedicated to victory over Israel and named after the signature M-75 missile that Hamas has been firing across the border. "The fragrance is pleasant and attractive," said the company owner, "like the missiles of the Palestinian resistance," and comes in masculine and feminine varieties, at premium prices (higher, I guess, then the prices of ordinary Gazan fragrances). Sympathizers can splash on victory, he said, from anywhere in the world.

Think our Givernment wastes our tax dollars? Naw, couldn’t be: One of the principal recommendations following the Sept. 11 attacks was that emergency and rescue personnel have one secure radio frequency on which all agencies that were merged into the Department of Homeland Security could communicate. In November, the department's inspector general revealed that, despite $430 million allotted to build and operate the frequency in the last nine years, it remains almost useless to DHS' 123,000 employees. The report surveyed 479 workers, but found only one who knew how to find the frequency, and 72 percent did not even know one existed (and half the department's radios couldn't have accessed it even if employees knew where to look).

And also, Remember Alaska's "Bridge to Nowhere"?: The Anchorage Daily News reported the Army Corps of Engineers is building a harbor on the Aleutian native community's island of Akutan, even though there is no road away from it. The only way to get into or out of the harbor is by boat. Any connector road to the only town on the island is "likely years in the future," according to the Daily News. As well, there is no assurance that the largest business in the area, Trident Seafoods, would ever use the harbor.

There, I think I got the leak fixed, for now…..

If global warming can melt millions of tons of polar ice, why can't it melt 10 pounds of body fat?
Live Long and Prosper….

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