Sunday, March 24, 2013

This Administration Wastes Too Much $ on Extravagance

Vice President Biden and his entourage spent some time in London in early February during his first foreign trip of the second term of the Obama administration. A document revealed that the cost of lodging in London alone was close to half a million dollars. The contract was awarded on January 30, 2013 to the Hyatt Regency London for a total of $459,388.65.

The vice president's group required "approximately 136 hotel rooms for 893 room nights." Based on these figures and the total contract price, each hotel room at the five star hotel cost the U.S. government about $500 per night.
I understand the need for foreign travel by the Vice President –and he needs to be accompanied by assistants and Secret Service. And I think the Vice President of the United States should certainly stay in the best places and travel first class. But – 186 hotel rooms –at $500 per night. 186 hotel rooms? Really? What did he do? Invite the families of his staff along for the trip?

At a time when our lawmakers and politicians are screaming about the country going broke and predicting doom and gloom if we don’t rein in spending – just what the hell does the Administration thinks it’s doing spending half a million dollars for a hotel bill? And that’s not the entire bill. This contract does not include meals or room service.

Come on, President Obama. Get your house in order and start watching those tax dollars a little more carefully. We have worked too hard earning them for you to spend them with such flagrant disregard.
Live Long and Prosper....


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