Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My thoughts about “Lone Survivor”

I went to see “Lone Survivor” -- I want to tell you what I thought about the movie…


As those of you who have read my novel, Operation: Avenging Dragon, or may remember my blog of June 28, 2010, "Lest We Forget" (the 5th anniversary of the events depicted in Lone Survivor), I was already very familiar with the movies subject. I was glad to see them make a movie about what happened, but I was very skeptical about how Hollywood would handle the presentation.
I did not need to worry.

This story was told in an exceptional way with exceptional acting and exceptional movie making.
If you want a good movie experience, you should plan on going.
More than that, I’d like to recommend that everyone see this movie. This is really a “must see” for every American, for every person who lives in the freedom these men (and all those serving in the uniform of our country) ensure.


Here are a few bullet points for those of you who like to skim:

·         This movie is good entertainment.

·         This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.

·         This movie will make you smile.

·         This movie will make you sad.

·         This movie will inspire you.

·         This movie will make you laugh.

·         This movie will make you cry.

·         This movie will make you appreciate.

·         This movie will make you walk a little taller because you’re an American.

They say they made “Lone Survivor” to tell the story and to honor the memories of the fallen. I think that was a great idea. Go see it, go learn, understand and know why these men and their sacrifice needs to be known and to be remembered.

Go see “Lone Survivor” –you’ll be glad you did.

Live Long and Prosper….

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