Tuesday, January 13, 2015

More (allegedly) True Stories

To my friend’s astonishment, a police car pulled up to her house and her elderly grand-father got out. The patrolman explained that the old gentleman had been lost in the city park and had asked for help.

"Why, Grandfather," my friend said, "you’ve been going there for 40 years. How could you get lost?"

The old man smiled slyly. "Wasn’t exactly lost," he admitted. "I just got tired of walking."


When a woman called 911 complaining of difficulty breathing, the EMTs—rushed to her home. One placed a sensor on her finger to measure her pulse and blood oxygen. Then he began to gather her information. "What’s your age?" he asked.

"Fifty-eight," answered the patient, eyeing the beeping device on her finger. "What does that do?"

"It’s a lie detector," said the paramedic with a straight face. "Now, what did you say your age was?"

"Sixty-seven," answered the woman sheepishly.


Rock concerts are a little different now than when I was younger. Recently, I went to a concert with some friends. As the band started to play a ballad, we instinctively raised our cigarette lighters, like all good rock fans I grew up with. But looking around me, I noticed that times had indeed changed.

The mostly under-25 crowd was swaying to the upraised glow of their cell phones.

Today's Reflection:
It's kind of ironic that the colors red, white and blue stand for freedom --until they are flashing behind you.

Live Long and Prosper...

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