Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fasten your seatbelt; I have a few words on Same-Sex Marriage

I read an article the other morning by a Republican Congressman from Kansas decrying the thought of recognizing same-sex marriage and giving gay couples recognition, equal rights and protection under the law. At one point he says that “traditional” marriage has been around for thousands of years and is an institution that has been “Ordained by God”. 

Oh? Really? Exactly where does it say that? The Bible I read talks a lot about men with multiple wives and concubines (remember Abraham?). Is that the institution God ordained as the one and only model for marriage? Somehow I just don’t think so.
I don’t see where it says there shall be one wife and one husband and they shall be male and female -otherwise they shall be persecuted and denied equal rights. 

I do read where Jesus repeatedly preached love, tolerance and acceptance. In the temple he says “love thy neighbor” –even those nasty tax collectors and money changers…
This Congressman and I will never agree because he believes in a Jesus who would condemn gay couples, call them sinful and criminalize them for their beliefs. 

I believe in a Jesus who would point to their love and commitment and ask only that they believe in God and in him as the Savior. 

He believes in an America that proclaims freedom and equality while hypocritically denying those things to about 10% of the population. 

I believe in an America where “equal under the law” is for everyone and all people are free to believe and live as they choose without being told “you’re beliefs and your love is wrong and we are going to pass laws to force you to conform to our beliefs”.

As for the children… I believe that the traditional family is the best model. But I have no doubt that children raised in a loving and nurturing same-sex family can turn out just as well (and there are now studies that support that idea). And I have no doubt that those children are far, far better off than those raised without a family, better off than those raised in Orphanages or in Foster care

The bottom line for me is simple. ‘Free and Equal’ means what it says. Period. The Congressman has a right to believe and live as he chooses. –And so do gay people

And as for Jesus, I believe he wants us to accept one another, be tolerant of one another and to love one another….. (and to stop using his name and God’s to somehow spread or justify prejudice and hatred).

Here endth the sermon….

Live long and prosper....

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