Friday, July 10, 2015

Dogs Make the Best Pets

I was sitting around with some friends, sipping a beer and enjoying a cool summer evening when someone made the comment that dogs make the best pets. Another of my friends, who happens to love cats, spoke up and the back and forth between the two got a little heated. I decided that discretion was the best part of valor and just quietly bit my tongue listening to the argument.

Well, it was not really necessary to get involved because everyone with an IQ over 75 knows that dogs definitely make the better pets. If you don't agree, here are some simple facts:

Dogs are loyal. Dogs are always glad to see you and show their excitement by running up and wagging their tails as soon as you get back from being away. They also tend to follow you around the house and just want to be near you. Of course, now that I think of it, I know some cats the come out to meet their owners as soon as they get home too -and they also follow their owners around the house and stay close by. Well, maybe that wasn't the best example....

Dogs can be trained. Dogs can be taught behaviors and tricks. Mine, for example, is very smart and learns things very fast. -The problem, of course, is that he is so smart he also knows when he can get away with just ignoring me completely (which can be very aggravating). Now that I think of it, I have known a lot of cats that have learned to come when called and to do various tricks.... O.K., maybe that wasn't a good example either....

Dogs can be potty trained. Dogs can learn to let you know when they need to go outside and do their business. Cats use littler boxes that stink and have to be cleaned all the time. Well, honestly, that's probably better than having to go out with your dog on a cold or rainy night and have to pick up smelly piles in the mud or grass... O.K., that ones a wash...

Puppies are cute. There is nothing cuter than a little puppy (unless, of course, it's a baby kitten).

So now you have to admit that dogs clearly make the best pets -if you are a dog person (and cats make better pets if you are a cat person). 

I hope that clears up that question for you.

Today's Reflection:
The secret to success is knowing whom to blame for your mistakes.
Live Long and Prosper...

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