Monday, July 6, 2015

My Way

This is the last and my very favorite of the 'Sinatra Songs' that make you stand straight and/or smile, and/or maybe cry just a little.

This is the one that I want played at my funeral service and here's how I want it set up:

I want everyone to gather and pay their proper respects but with no speech making or getting carried away. 

Once everyone is there, they will bring out French 75's for every person. A big screen monitor will come on and everyone will drink one toast to me as the lights dim and this song plays.

When the song ends the lights will come back up and some loud, happy jazz will come on. Everyone can finish their drinks and go home.

Today's Reflection:
Age is only important when it comes to
dead fish and good wine.

 Live Long and Prosper...

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