Monday, March 21, 2016

Makes you Think, or cry

Just a few items in the news that makes you stop and wonder just how crazy this world of ours is.

The Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration revealed that twice as many fraudulent income tax refunds were paid to inmates in 2011 (173,000) as for the tax year 2010. However, the IRS claimed that the fraudulent returns it did manage to stop totaled $2.5 billion (almost half of which was disingenuously claimed by just two inmates). 

Speaking of fraud, the Department of Health and Human Service's inspector general revealed that Medicare was illegally billed for $120 million from 2009 to 2011 for services used by inmates and illegal immigrants -- neither category of which is authorized to use Medicare.
New York City music teacher Aryeh Eller, 46, has reached a milestone in his battle with the Board of Education. He has now earned a million dollars in salary and benefits since the board removed him from the classroom 13 years ago and dispatched him to a light-duty "rubber room" after complaints of fondling and sexual harassment in the one year that he actually taught. An arbitrator had found insufficient evidence for his termination, but the board refuses to let him back in the classroom, fearing he is a danger to students.

Scott Morris, 40, was arrested for speeding and suspicion of DUI in Boulder, Colo., in November. It was only the 44th time Morris had been traffic-stopped -- although Morris might be held to a different standard, in that he is a Boulder Police Detective.

Live Long and Prosper....

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