Monday, August 29, 2016

Reflecting on Hawaii

The other day, after spending time reflecting on old times, I posted a few pictures of New Orleans, a place I have visited hundreds of times and really love. After that blog posted, a friend called and wanted me to post a few pictures of Hawaii. 

I first traveled to Hawaii on vacation in 1982 and had such a good time I began traveling there once or twice every year until 2006 when other things in life have successfully conspired to interrupt my visits and make them once every couple of years.

There are far too many things to say about that little piece of paradise and this would turn into a very boring travel log if I tried -plus, my poor writing skills could never do it justice. I will, however,  take a moment to say that the "Hawaiian People" (all of the people who live there, not just the ethnic Hawaiians) are among the nicest, most generous and easy going people I have ever known. Instead of trying to do it justice in my little blog, I'll just do as my friend asked and post a few of the pictures I have taken over the years.

I took this picture at sunrise standing at the base of Diamond Head

USS Arizona Memorial from a helicopter

The base of one of the Arizona's turrets still visible above water

 A close friend at I at the entrance to the Arizona Memorial

 The USS Missouri taken from the Arizona Memorial

 Diamond Head taken from a boat

In the Valley of the Temples. One of the most beautiful and serene places I have ever seen.

 Coy fish in a stream in the Valley of the Temples.

 Inside one of the Temples.

 Hanauma Bay

 Dukes -the best breakfast in Hawaii

 My friend standing on a catameran off Waikiki

 My friend and I at "The Top of Waikiki" Restaurant for Christmas Dinner

 Me, looking out over Hanauma Bay

 Me, looking like a tourist. -no cracks about those ugly legs..

Kilauea Volcano from helicopter

 The International Market Place -fun shopping

 International Market Place -street entrance

 The "Yellow Submarine"
-makes dives along the reefs, very touristy stuff, but fun

 A "Fire Dancer" at a Luau

Do Ho and I after one of his concerts

I know, that's enough already... Well, make it a great day!

Today's Reflection:
Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.

Live Long and Prosper.....

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