Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What we wear says a lot, doesn't it?

A young Arab asks his father “What is this weird hat that we are wearing?”

“Why, it’s a ‘chechia’ because in the desert it protects our heads from the sun,” says the father.

Then asks the son “And what is this type of clothing that we are wearing?”

The father is obliged to reply: “It’s a ‘djbellah’ because in the desert it is very hot and it protects your body!”

The boy gets even more curious: “And what are these ugly shoes that we have on our feet?”

Again the father lovingly explains: “These are ‘babouches,’ which keep us from burning our feet when in the desert!”

Finally the son says, “Tell me Abba?”

“Yes my son?”

“Why are we living in Detroit and still wearing all this shit?”

Today's Reflection:
The next time a person comes up and says, "I read your latest murder mystery. It was -very interesting."
I'm going to start writing musical documentaries instead.

Live Long and Prosper....

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