Friday, October 3, 2014

99 cent Kindle Sale - French Quarter Vendetta

We are celebrating the release of my new Mystery Novel, French Quarter Vendetta with a special Kindle Countdown Deal for the first week of October.

October 1st to October 8th the download version will be just 99 cents!

French Quarter Vendetta is an old fashioned ‘Who-done-it.’ Set in historic, fun loving New Orleans, the plot untangles a tale of murder, mystery, betrayal and jealousy.

Follow along as Lieutenant “Gator” McNeal and his team wade through a list of suspects that include a Union President, a State Senators wife, a jealous mistress, a spoiled stepson, an ambitious assistant, a union ‘thug’ and even a street kid and two-bit drug dealer.

Along the way you’ll run into a strange, cryptic vision, the power of a gris-gris bag and even a Voodoo Curse. You won’t be able to put it down until the very end when Gator brings everyone together and reveals “Who-done-it”.
Go to and download your copy!

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