Sunday, December 13, 2015

Louis Armstrong -One of the Greats!

Today I thought I'd kick back and work on my next book, "A Penalty in Blood". It's another murder mystery with Homicide Detective "Gator" McNeal and his team tracking a hit man through the French Quarter.

To get the New Orleans Mood set, I put on some background music -a little Jazz and Blues. -And when it comes to that kind of music, you just don't get any better than Louis Armstrong. My Dad got me hooked on Blues and Jazz at an early age. Most people didn't know it but my Dad was one hell of a Sax player -he even played in Navy Bands during WWII.

Anyway, I realize that many of you have no idea who Louis Armstrong was, and that's a real shame. So, I'm sharing a couple of clips of the great man doing 2 of my favorites.

Y'all sit back and enjoy. Y'a gonna luv it, I gar-own-tee!

Live Long and Prosper!

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